This is an object-oriented library of Twitter client for PHP5 or later.

You can handle Twitter's objects easily like "User", "Tweet" and so on.

For instance, you can manipulate Twitter like below.

$tuitter = new Tuitter($user, $passwd);

$user = $tuitter->getUser('nao58');
  $tuitter->sendMessage('This is my first tweet by Tuitter, @nao58 !');
  $tl = $tuitter->getHomeTL();
  foreach($tl as $tweet){
    echo $tweet->user->screen_name."\n";
    echo $tweet->text."\n\n";

Why you should use Tuitter?

  • Easy programming with object-oriented design.
  • Reduce network traffics by using ETag.
  • Auto incremental requests.


Tui, an endemic passerine bird of New Zealand.


Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

About me

Naohiko MORI, Japanese


Mar 17th, 2010
Add OAuth function
Dec 18th, 2009
1st release


  • Add lists functions