Mandlin is a command line based web navigation tool providing as Google Chrome Extension.

How to use

  1. After installation Mandlin, the icon is displayed next to the address bar. You can click the icon to use Mandlin.
  2. Just after opening the popup window, you can type the command like "a". Then the current selected service has been changed. You can choose the service in that way.
  3. When you want to use the "", you have several ways to select the service.
    • Input the command continuous like "ans" until the target service is chosen.
    • Input "a", then select the service using up/down keys.
    • Input "a", then click the service.
  4. After choosing the service, press space key to move the focus onto the keywords-input-box.
  5. Input the keywords.
  6. Press Enter to open the service.

Shortcut Commands

Usually Mandlin selects the highest-scored service as the current service. But if you connect the command and the service, you can select the service easily.

For example, connect the command "a" to the service "" like below.

  1. Open the popup window, input "a".
  2. Select the service "".
  3. Click the pin-button () to connect the command and the service.

After this, you can select the "" just typing "a" command.


  • You can move the focus onto the keywords using [Space], [Tab], [Right arrow] or [Enter].
  • Press [BackSpace] or [Esc] to reset the command.
  • Using [Tab] to go back to the command-mode from keywords-input-mode.
  • You can get the home page of the service by pressing [Enter] with empty keywords.
  • You can use the "@" as current page/site in the keywords on some services. For example the keywords "sth @ " on Google, this means "searching sth in this domain by Google".
  • If you want to change the default service, you open the popupo window, then choose the service and click the pin-button while the input-command is empty.
  • You can choose the services which are shown in your list in the option page.
  • You can delete the shortcut in the option page.

Why "Mandlin"?

Because of "comMAND LINe" based navigation. Yes, this tool used to be the YubNub-like interface. Now the UI has changed like QuickSiver, but the naming is still "Mandlin".


Naohiko MORI/nao58


04 Feb, 2010
v0.1.5 Fix the bug url shorten by bitly.
03 Feb, 2010
v0.1.4 Add White Page etc.
29 Jan, 2010
v0.1.3 Fix small bugs
28 Jan, 2010