Auto incremental request

About auto incremental request

When you get tweets from timeline, duplicate tweets are returned. You can get unique tweets by using auto-incremental-request.

Caching for incrementation

To store the information of incrementation, you should specify the caching storage.

You have to prepare the directory. Make sure the directory is writable.

$tuitter->setCache(new Tuitter_Cache_File('/path/to/dir/'));

Using increment keys

You can use increment keys to recognize the tasks.

The default key value is ‘default’. Specify FALSE if you don’t want to use auto incremental request.

$tuitter->getFriendsTL(array(), 'key1');

If you don’t specify the caching directory, the auto increment does not work, even if you specify the key.

Reset incremental request

When you want to reset the incrementation, remove all files in the caching directory.
We haven’t prepared the function to make directory empty yet.