Download and Install

Download Tuitter library

Download Tuitter.tar.gz .

After downloading, unzip the file.

tar xzvf Tuitter.tar.gz

Tuitter project is hosted on github .
You can get the latest source codes from github/nao58/tuitter repository.

Install Tuitter

Deploy anywhere you want. You don’t have to append the library path onto include_path.

require_once '/path/to/Tuitter.php';
$tuitter = new Tuitter($user_name, $passwd);

First execution

Please run Example.php which is included in Tuitter, if you want to try the library instantly.

You have to specify your Twitter account name and your password.

php -f Example.php your_account your_password

First of all, this example tests if you have been already following the user, ‘nao58’(it’s me!).
When you are not following me, the example makes you follow me. Then you’re sending the first message by Tuitter.
Please confirm your timeline on Web.

When successful, hit the same command again.

When you have already followed me, the example shows you your home timeline.
Can you see the most recent messages?